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Bittium Faros 360

Bittium Faros 360 is a versatile waterproof ECG device that is used for early detection of cardiac abnormalities in everyday life.

Monidrop infusion monitor

The Monidrop® infusion monitor is a device that helps control the IV intravenous therapy better and reduce the risks of mistakes.


BiopSafe® is a specially designed vial used for biopsy samples that eliminates exposure completely.

TE3 Digital Training Stick

E3 Digital Training Stick is an easy-to-use tool to test your functional mobility, to help training and improve your functional mobility.

Insulation Monitoring System MEV 8

Insulation Monitoring System (MEV) monitors the safety of electrical equipment in operating rooms where defective electrical equipment can cause serious incidents.

Who We Are?

Nordi is a technological firm specializing in the advancement of high quality medical technology for the benefit of patients. Using our technological expertise and our passion for safer, more methodical medical care, we look to build the best tech solutions to help put an end to the problems that we often face in the medical industry.

Our Core Mission

Whether you are looking to help people through locating the best technology, or you need medical technology to help your patients, it’s our goal to assist you as best as we possibly can. Put simply, we are here to help people to help people.

Work with Us

 We are proud to have built a network of distribution partners around the world. Nordi is currently inviting new companies to join our growing international distributor network. We wish to promote our solutions in the existing and new markets. We are looking for loyal, dedicated partners with in-depth technical expertise, extensive local market knowledge and relevant contacts.

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