At Nordi, we are proud to work with a series of different partners who help us to achieve our long-term goals. Working together with our partners, we look to make the discovery and the long-term usage of medical equipment an easier, far less fractious experience than it might appear today. Some of the partners that we work with at present include:


Biopsafe has been delivering equipment for hospitals and laboratories since 1993


Monidor is a health-technology company specializing in the development of small, smart devices for digital health.


 Bittium offers medical technology in biosignal monitor in cardiology, neurophysiology, rehabilitation, and occupational health


PPO-Elektroniikka. PPO-Elektroniikka is an expert in the medical and electrical engineering industry since 1983.


Te3 Balance. Te3 Bringing high-tech tools to support self learning in physical training and body analysis

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We constantly monitor developments of health and sports technologies to provide solutions that will take our customers’ operations to more effective direction.

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