Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic substance. It is not allowed to contact this substance directly in an unventilated space. But this usually happens regularly when taking biopsies.

BiopSafe® is an innovative solution for collecting and transporting biopsies in the safest manner, without the exposure to the harmful carcinogen formaldehyde. The BiopSafe smart system consists of a small, practical container with a formaldehyde-containing capsule in the cap. All operations take place within the container, ensuring that formaldehyde exposure is completely eliminated and the safety of practitioners is guaranteed.

Who should be using Biopsafe®?

With hundreds of thousands of biopsies taken each year Vietnam alone, truly any medical professional who handles or transports them should benefit from the safety provided by BiopSafe®, but especially nurses and techs that have historically been exposed to formalin on a daily basis stand the most to benefit, especially from potential harms that come from years of exposure.

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