Monidrop infusion monitor

Monidrop infusion monitor

Why Monidrop?

Cost savings

save costs in consumables as much as over 80% compared to devices which require dedicated infusion sets. Because Monidrop is suitable for most of common infusion sets

Helping nurses

Monidrop® helps nurses set the infusion speed accurately in shorter time, control the IV therapy better and reduce the risks of mistakes. Monidrop® is very useful with antibiotics, basic fluids, blood products and nutrition.

Patient safety

Basic IV therapy is very often conducted manually without any assisting device, which makes it prone to errors. The Monidrop® infusion monitor is designed to improve the quality of care in a manually adjusted IV therapy. Therefore, it helps shorter hospital stays and safer for patients.

Infusion monitor remotely

Infusion information can be viewed remotely at the nurse office screen or from mobile phones. This helps nurses save time and energy and focus on the patients that really need attention.

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